Checking Account Webhook

The Webhook allows the exchange of data between two applications when a certain event occurs in one of them.

This is how we notify our clients about credit and debit transactions that occur in their BS2 accounts.

The Webhook notification sends the following data:

IDNotification identifierstring
dataNotificacaoTransaction notification sending datedate-time
valorAmount of the financial transactionnumber
contaClient account numberstring
clienteDisplays CPF/CNPJ data and name of the account holderobject
favorecidoRemetenteDisplays CPF/CNPJ data and name of the counterpart of the financial transactionArray
contaDestinoDisplays the bank, branch and account creditedArray
contaOrigemDisplays the bank, branch and account debitedArray
movimentoDisplays the date, type of transaction ('D' debit or 'C' credit), transaction code and description of the transactionArray

Exemplo para notificar via webhook