The Pix key works as a nickname for your account, and just by entering the key you can carry out Pix transactions without having to enter your bank details.

The keys must be registered in advance (see below under Registering a Pix key). They can be of the following types:

  • Email;
  • Mobile number;
  • Random key.



  • Individuals can have up to 5 registered keys; legal entities; 20;
  • Random key: a randomly generated alphanumeric sequence (of 32 characters, including numbers and letters) that can be used by users who do not want to link their personal data to their transactional account information.

Where to use the Pix key

With the Pix key it is possible to generate QR Codes, collecting and making payments through our APIs. Despite this, it is not necessary to have the Pix key to receive a payment, as it is possible to receive Pix if the payer informs the branch, account and bank.

Registering a PIX key

To register a Pix key at Banco BS2, it’s simple:

  1. Access BS2 Empresas and log in with the account's master user;
  2. Select the Pix option;
  3. Click on the Gestão de chaves tab;
  4. Select the type of key you want and proceed with registration.