Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed some questions and answered them below, as they may help you:

Is there bank authentication when making a transfer?

Yes, and authentication is equivalent to our 'Protocol' returned in the statement.

Does the chargeback include the ID or other information that uniquely identifies transfer X? If so, in which field? Do you have an example of the chargeback object?

For now, identification is based on the amount, date/time of the transaction and document of the transfer beneficiary.

What bank slips can we pay? Ex: Consumption, Collection, Taxes

In the case of APIs, payments of collections and taxes that have a barcode are allowed.

Do I receive a webhook event in case of an error in payment of the bank slip?

We currently do not send notification for failure to pay documents. It is possible to check the payment status on the endpoint Consultar o status da solicitação de pagamento.