First Steps

Access to the homologation environment

Before using Banco BS2's API solutions in your production environment, you must first complete the homologation process.
To do this, contact Banco BS2 via email [email protected].

Access to the production environment

Access to the production environment must be requested from the Commercial team after completion of the homologation tests.

Creating API keys

To start using our APIs with consent, the Banco BS2 partner must follow the steps below:

  1. Access BS2 Empresas and log in with the account's master user;
  2. Select the API Banking option;
  3. In the Aplicações menu, select the Novo option;
  4. In the Consentimento section, select the Aplicação de consentimento? option;
  5. Enter the Url de redirecionamento;

  1. In the APIs section, select the APIs* you want to use for Collection and/or Checking Account;
  2. In homologation, add the IP range**, and, in production, your IP/IP range

  1. When you finish creating the keys, the API Access Keys, Scope and Refresh_token required to use each type of API will be displayed on the screen.

*Only contracted APIs will be available.

**Banco BS2 performs IP blocking in the production environment. The partner must configure the IP for specific machines for access to be granted. With this, we guarantee the security and confidentiality of data.

**IP is a bypass for the testing and homologation environment.

Obtain the Token

If you need to generate credentials again, access the BS2 Empresas platform >> API Banking product >> click on the Obter Credenciais command.