Frequently asked questions

What is Dynamic QR Code?

The Dynamic QR Code is exclusive to a specific transaction, and because it is exclusive, it is the most recommended for e-commerce, collection and online purchases.

This type of QR Code allows the payer's document to be validated, can be paid only once, does not have the possibility of changing the amount by the payer and has an identifier for reconciling between Pix Receipt and QR Code Collection.

What is Static QR Code?

The Static QR Code can be used in multiple transactions, does not expire and allows the payer to change the amount defined in the QR Code, if any.

This type of QR Code is the most recommended for simple transactions such as amount transfers without the need to correlate the Receipt with a QR Code collection.

What is Transaction Identifier (TxId)?

The TxId Transaction Identifier is the unique identifier that allows the receiver to identify and correlate the transfer, when received, with the collection presented to the payer.

The TxId must be generated by the partner's system. The partner will be able to check the status of QR Codes and list all Pix Receipts made to the account, via API, using a Transaction Identifier (TxId) as a parameter.

What is EndToEndId?

The EndToEndId is the unique identifier field that the Brazil Central Bank of Brazil requires to be added to all transactions carried out through the Pix arrangement.

The EndToEndId field is used to track a transaction, allowing the partner and Banco BS2 to carry out information checks on a PIX transaction. The EndToEndId is unique and is generated by PSP Payer.

What is solicitacaoId?

The solicitacaoId identifier - request identifier - is the unique identifier for Pix Payments requests (asynchronous flow). It is possible to check the status and information of a Pix payment request using the request identifier solicitacaoId attribute.

What is pagamentoId?

The payment identifier pagamentoId is the unique identifier for each Pix payment made with Banco BS2. It is possible to check the status and information of a Pix payment transaction via API, defining the payment identifier parameter.

Payment with confirmed status. What does it mean?

Some payments fall into exceptions and remain in confirmed status. These are automatically reconciled by our system and quickly migrate to their respective final status (COMPLETED or REJECTED).

What is the limit of QR CODES that can be generated?

There is no limit.

Are there limits on the number of requests?

There are no limits, however, contractual issues must be respected and if there is any eventuality, it must be communicated to Banco BS2 in advance.

Do we have payment limits?

There is a daily and monthly limit on the amount transacted. For example, if your limit is 50 thousand, you can transact up to a limit of 50 thousand per day. To check or release more limits, you must send a limit increase request to your commercial representative.

I'm not receiving Webhooks. What can it be?

Check whether the registered webhook is available and capable of receiving the notification in less than 1000ms (this is the maximum time for us to timeout). If the error persists, open a support call.

Where do I obtain production credentials?

The person responsible for releasing and requesting credentials will be your commercial representative. After release, it will be possible to create and manage the keys through the BS2 Companies Portal. See in First Steps.

What is the X.509 Certificate required for Webhook registration?

X. 509 certificates are digital documents that represent a user, computer, service, or device. They are issued by a certificate authority (CA), a subordinate CA, or a registration authority and contain the public key of the certificate subject.