Collection Webhook

We notify our clients of all incidents related to bank slips generated by BS2.

When a bank slip is, for example, registered, paid, settled or has any other occurrences, we use the Webhook to send such notifications.



To use the webhook, contact your sales representative providing a URL so that we can activate the webhook for you.

Webhook Contract

The webhook will be triggered via an HTTP POST request until the client returns with a success status (HTTP family 200).

Below is the webhook contract used for notification:

IdUnique notification code
DataNotificacaoDate of triggering the webhook to the partner
NossoNumeroBoletoValue of our bank slip number field
SeuNumeroBoletoValue of your number sent when creating the bank slip
ValorOriginal Bank slip amount
ValorLiquidadoAmount paid by the client (if the bank slip has already been paid)
SituacaoDescricaoDescription of the bank slip status
SituacaoDefines the situation of the bank slip [See Situation Codes table]
StatusBoletoDefines the status of the bank slip [See Status Code table]

Status code

In the Bank Slip Status object - StatusBoleto - we send the following fields:

  • Status: event status code, as per the status table below;
  • Descrição: Description: description of the bank slip status;
  • DataStatus: Status Date: date the event occurred

Below is the status table that a bank slip may have:

1Bank slip Registered with the responsible body - CIP
2Identified bank slip payment in the banking network :warning:
3Settled/cleared bank slip - credit made at CC :warning:
4Canceled/downloaded bank slip (no financial transactions)



We emphasize that the process in which the payment and receipt of the amount is effectively identified with Banco BS2 is status 3 Settled/cleared Bank slip - credit made in the CC of the Bank Slip Status object - StatusBoleto.

    1. In the process between payment of the bank slip on the banking network (status = 2) and the actual clearing of the bank slip (status = 3), there may be problems that prevent the receipt of the bank slip amount from Banco BS2. In this case, Banco BS2 often does not have the power to act.
  1. It is important to identify, within your operation, the ideal and safest way to benefit from each of these reported events.

Situation Codes

Below is a list of possible situations sent in the Situation field - Situacao - and their descriptions:

1Open bank slip – Due
2Open bank slip – Overdue
3Bank slip Canceled/Downloaded
4Settled/Cleared Bank slip